Finally.. A Starcraft 2 Training Program That Works!

Hi Everyone,

Osiris (Cody) here from (formerly and I have a really exciting announcement to make. Over the past 6 months, I have been diligently working on creating an effective Starcraft 2 training program that could take a complete SC2 newbie and quickly (and reliably) catapult them to the top of the 1v1 ladder rankings.

If you do not already know me, I have been running this popular Starcraft 2 strategy website since release and have helped countless players over the years get better at Starcraft 2.

Despite the popularity of my website, there was one thing that bothered me - some of the players that would ask me questions or for help with strategies had very low ladder ranks. It was not just me either - whether I was checking the YouTube comments for a popular shoutcaster, reading the comments boxes of pro gamer streams and tournaments, or browsing one of many Starcraft 2 forums, low-ranked players were everywhere (insert The Sixth Sense meme here)!

While someone has to be at the bottom, many of these players were actively trying to get better at Starcraft 2 - playing games, reading strategies, watching their replays, following pro streams, and asking for help - yet still failed to significantly improve their ranks despite their repeated efforts.

The question then became.. Why do some players get better at Starcraft 2, slowly but steadily increasing their ranks the more they play, while other players languish in ranking purgatory, never actually making significant improvement in ladder ranks no matter how much they play?

Clearly, learning strategy alone is not enough to advance to the top of the Starcraft 2 ranks. There are many low to mid-ranked players who are well versed in SC2 strategy yet do not have a good rank to show for their efforts.

I began to wonder.. if not strategy, then what is needed to be highly skilled at Starcraft 2? And perhaps more importantly, what is the fastest way possible to achieve this high level of skill?

I set out on a quest to come up with a Starcraft 2 training program with the following criteria:

  • Effectiveness. The program had to produce significant results, allowing players who followed it to move up multiple ladder divisions within a single season.
  • Steady Advancement. More time spent practicing the program had to be directly proportional to increased ranks. There is nothing more frustrating or demotivating for players than to spend time playing without ranking up - or even worse - ending a ladder session with a lower rank than you started with!
  • Fast. The program had to work quickly, creating skill increases and subsequent rank increases at a much faster pace than playing ladder games or following traditional practice methods.
  • All Skill Levels. The program had to be suitable for players of all skill ranges, from the Bronze League all the way up to the Grandmaster's League.
  • Race, Balance, and Patch Independent. The program had to work for players of all 3 races and continue to be effective independent of meta-game shifts, new expansions, and balance patch updates.

The end result was The Osiris Method, the first and only true Starcraft 2 training program. 

In order to fulfill these lofty criteria when creating The Osiris Method, I took advances in the fields of neuroscience, talent, and skill acquisition, along with practices and drills used by top-level coaches and teachers in other related realms like chess, music, and sports, and combined this with the top Starcraft 2 strategies and builds used by pro-level players to create the ultimate Starcraft 2 training program.

What is The Osiris Method?

The Osiris Method is more than just a strategy guide – it is a complete Starcraft 2 training program. Unlike other Starcraft 2 strategy guides that focus primarily on strategy, The Osiris Method is full of charts, drills, and practice exercises that are all part of a larger Starcraft 2 practice regimen and training program.

The Osiris Method allows reveals in full detail the fastest way to get better at Starcraft 2, providing players with practice regimens that they can follow on an hour-by-hour and week-by-week basis. The Osiris Method takes all the guess work out of ranking up in Starcraft 2 and instead provides a reliable, repeatable method for rapidly improving your 1v1 ladder rank.

How Much of a Division Rank Increase Can Be Expected With The Osiris Method?

At the end of the day, the most important you players want is to increase their division rank. Here are the expected skill and rank increases you can expect from successfully implementing The Osiris Method:

Bronze: 3 Division Increases, from Bronze to Platinum.

Silver: 2-3 Division Increases, from Silver to the upper ranks of Platinum or Diamond.

Gold: 2 Division Increases, from Gold to Diamond.

Platinum: 1-2 Division Increases, from Platinum to the upper ranks of Diamond or the lower ranks of the Master's League.

Diamond: 1 Division Increase, from Diamond to the Master's League.

Master's & Grandmaster's: Noticeable increase in rank within your division. I cannot promise that all Master's players will get into the Grandmaster's League, since the Grandmaster's League is limited to the top 200 players. If 1000 people are following The Osiris Method, by default they cannot all get into the Grandmaster's League due to a limited number of slots! I have designed The Osiris Method to be an enlightening training program for players even at the very top of the Starcraft 2 ranks. Those who expend more time and effort following the practice regimen within will be the ones to rise to the very top tier of Starcraft 2.

Time Frame for All Leagues: 4-10 weeks, depending on playtime. The more time you spend on The Osiris Method, the faster it will work for you.

These are just minimum guidelines for expected rank increases. Once you complete the training program, there is a maintenance plan in place for continued improvement. Your rank gains are not limited to the first 10 weeks if you continue with the program. There is nothing stopping a Bronze League newbie from getting a top rank in Starcraft 2 with continued practice of the principles and drills found within The Osiris Method.

However, in order for The Osiris Method to work, you have to actually get the guide. Click Add to Cart below to get started with The Osiris Method for just $17.

Click Here to Get The Osiris Method

The Osiris Method is available as an instant download in PDF format.

Order with Confidence

I am so confident that you will be able to significantly improve your 1v1 Starcraft 2 ladder rankings by following The Osiris Method that I am offering a no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to try out the program and see just how effective it is for yourself without risking a dime!

Money Back Guarantee

Just contact me if you are unhappy for any reason and you will receive your refund without any further effort!


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